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NACA Ongoing Education



The National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA) was formed in 1978 to provide resources, standardized training, and support for animal care and control professionals across the United States. Throughout the organization’s history, NACA has been a leader in providing guidance for its members as the role of animal shelters and animal care and control staff has evolved.

Training & Certification Opportunities Providing Animal Care and Control Professionals with the Tools for Success

Animal Control officers make numerous public contacts during their shifts, oftentimes more than Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers which results in a higher exposure to risk and liability.


  • Improved Service

  • Enhanced Image

  • Reduced Liability

  • Increased Efficiency

For more than 40 years NACA has been a leader in providing training and certification programs for our profession. Currently, our training programs continue to deliver a higher standard in Animal Care and Cruelty Investigation Training.

NACA’s National Animal Control Officer Training Academy, covers virtually every topic critical to the successful operation of Animal Care and Control. ACO 1 and ACO 2 are both available online. Plans for ACO3, which will be held in person are currently in the works.

*ACOANH members receive a special code to receive a $5 discount on their $25 membership fee when they join NACA.

* ACO 1 and 2 certificates, members also get a $100 discount.


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