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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an ACO in NH?

In order to become an ACO, you need to be employed by a municipality (town, city), or a police department. 


What training is required?

New Hampshire does not currently set any state requirements for animal control officers, but most towns will require experience working with animals, in a vets office, animal shelter or prior ACO experience.


Are there any physical requirements?

Currently, there are no state-level physical requirements. Some towns opt to send their ACO to the PSTC Police Academy (Full or Part Time), to be certified. Please visit    pstc.nh. gov for information on the academy. 


Are there any openings?

We don't manage ACO openings throughout the state. Your best bet is to contact your local police departments to see if they have an opening. 


What is the hiring process like?

Depending on the department, the hiring process may include; a background investigation (criminal history, driving record, social media), credit and bank history, oral boards, Chief's interview, polygraph exam, psychological exam, medical exam, physical fitness test, and anything else a department may require. There are no state-level requirements. 


What training do you offer?

We host the annual New England Animal Control/Humane Academy, along with no cost members training events throughout the year.


How do I become a member? 

Click here for more information on becoming a member!

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