A Message from the President

ACOANH president Cori Bliss  in front of a white truck holding a dog

ACOANH is making strides in continuously developing and improving our association. Our membership is growing as we continue to reach out to the animal control community. We had a productive 2017, with our greatest accomplishment being the merge with the New England Animal Control Humane Academy (NEACHA). In doing so, it included and was not limited to several meetings and correspondence with our dedicated board and membership, navigating the legal process with the State of NH. This proves everyone’s dedication to the Association’s mission and to the professionalism of our animal control field.

The newly created NEACHA committee has met on several occasions and worked tirelessly on creating and promoting this year’s academy. The NEACHA committee consists of volunteer ACOs throughout New England. Thanks to our newly appointed Marketing and Technology Coordinator, we were able to expand our meeting options to meet both in person and via livestream, which was a productive move for the academy and allows for anyone to become a part of the process of producing quality material for our annual academies.


ACOANH has held additional meetings and trainings, keeping the membership informed of various topics such as proposed legislative changes. ACOANH has and will be holding trainings for its members with an array of topics such as Rabies protocols, zoonotic diseases, coyote/fox calls and USDA Rabies Vaccination Program. These trainings have created a dialogue among ACO’s throughout the state, as well as important networking opportunities.


ACOANH has continued to move forward with our efforts into 2018. We have expanded our horizons with a new updated website, emailing process and with social media. A new association logo has been created, which represents us well.


The future looks bright for ACOANH as we continue to commit to and carry out our mission: To educate animal control and other law enforcement officers and to elevate and improve the professionalism of the animal control field on a state wide basis.


Corie Bliss, President