Upcoming Seminar

I am reaching out to send you information about an upcoming webinar on law enforcement response to animal-related calls amid COVID-19 in case any members of the ACO Association are interested. You may recall that Chief Trevor Whipple presented at last year’s NEACHA conference. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

National Sheriff's Association Resources for Humane Law Enforcement during COVID-19

WEBINAR: Planning Ahead for Law Enforcement's Response to Animal Related Calls During COVID19

The webinar is being offered on April 22, 2020 @ 3PM EST.

  • During this seminar, a panel of experts will review how agencies can create a plan for handling animal-related calls, tips for assessing whether a call is essential, and encourage relationship-building with animal welfare organizations. Keeping in mind that each community is navigating unique challenges, the presenters will discuss criteria for enforcement agencies to use when assessing whether a call is essential, to include reports of family violence (and the likely co-occurrence of animal abuse), severe/egregious suffering and public safety issues (dangerous dogs at large, etc.). This online webinar is being offered jointly by HSUS and NSA through the Justice Clearinghouse platform, and features an expert panel of presenters including HSUS's own law enforcement trainer, Chief Trevor Whipple.

Julia Seeley New Hampshire State Director

C 603-717-8854