From Lost to Safe

Check out this feel good story featuring one of our members!

Ian Matheson, Humane Agent with the NHSPCA (and ACOANH tech guru) is pictured here zip tying the trap for transport

The New Hampshire SPCA Field Services department was contacted by the North Hampton Police Department to help safely catch a stray dog that had been on the loose for a few weeks.   It was reported that the dog was very timid and possibly injured.  We posted her picture on Facebook and urged our community to be on the lookout and report any sightings. We received multiple tips via phone, email and Facebook from members of the community who saw the dog.

Steve Sprowl, Field Services Manager at the NHSPCA, is pictured here comforting the dog after her time on the run

Our field services team spent the last week trying to locate the dog based off of the sightings they received. The dog traveled from North Hampton, to Exeter, to Hampton and finally to the area of Union Road and Portsmouth Ave in Stratham. The dog was spotted several times over the weekend in the area of Portsmouth Ave and Squamscott Road. On Tuesday morning, our office had a message from a local resident who had the dog in their backyard, and was still there.   We responded to the area and was able to observe the dog from a distance. Hoping to catch the dog, we set up one of our humane traps.  Shortly after returning to the shelter we received a call from the resident that the dog was safe in the trap. We returned to the house to pick up the dog and bring her to safety at the NHSPCA. She’s very thin and covered in ticks, but with proper care she should make a full recovery.   We are still actively searching for her family, but so far no one has come forward to claim her. If you have any information, please call 603-772-2921 x 111

It takes a community to bring a lost dog homeThank you to all that shared our post,  or called in with sightings.