Continuing Education for our Members

Recently, members of the ACOANH, including several NEACHA committee members, attended a wildlife training hosted by Rye PD. Allison, the ACO for Pelham and the 2019 NEACHA Director, said, “Jane brought in a few raptors for local animal control officers to have hands on training with capture techniques and handling. Jane went over many topics to include a bit about the anatomy of these raptors, pointing out danger zones and behavioral traits to look out for when handling this type of wildlife. She also brought in several pieces of equipment for us to use and get familiar with. It was a very worthwhile experience to have the ability to see and take part in using these capture techniques in a controlled environment with her nearby giving suggestions and options. Jane is clearly a wealth of knowledge and an integral part of the job we do as animal control officers”.

ACOANH is committed to providing low cost training to Animal Control, Humane Agents and other Law Enforcement Professionals.

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