ACOANH is Opposed to Amendements to SB-569

Please read below of our official statement to the NH House of Representatives.

If you want to know more about the amendments SB-569 and how it will negatively impact the states animals, please click here

To: New Hampshire House of Representatives

We respectfully request your opposition to the proposed amendment to SB 569-FN

The Animal Control Officers Association strongly opposes the amendment. As the boots on the ground enforcing the laws in many cases we believe there are significant flaws in this amendment.

The definitions are inadequate and weak, for instance, breeding female: an un-spayed female, from a scientific standpoint, most often maintains the ability to successfully breed.  The amount of time outstanding should not make a difference.  How will this truly be regulated?

Inspections are very important to prevent situations like the Great Dane case. The majority of the time, intervention through inspection heads off the potential for animal suffering by bringing to light deficiencies that can be addressed through education and improvements can be made before things get so bad that it requires seizure of animals, which is not the best situation for them. The Dept. of Ag. needs the ability to perform inspections, otherwise, what is the point of licensing?

From a disease control aspect, records should be available no matter what, and we as law enforcement should be able to see the paper trail on each animal and so should a prospective buyer.

Harsher penalties have the potential to prevent repeat offenders and reduce the opportunity for offenders from other states from coming here to restart themselves with less limitations because our laws are so weak that we are viewed as a safe haven.

Hoarding is a mental illness and this amendment criminalizes it, which is ineffective in protecting animals and treating the illness.

The cost of care should be on the owner, not law abiding citizens. 

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