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July 22-26, 2024
UNH CampusDurham, NH

The New England Animal Control/Humane Academy (NEACHA) was established in 1980 to provide quality, cost-effective, in-depth training in areas related to Animal Care and Control Professionals in New England.

The program is developed to provide useful, timely, and quality education in an atmosphere that allows the participant to share and renew information as well as learn. There are countless opportunities for those attending to discuss problems, learn from veterans, and develop professional contacts. Many people feel that this is the feature that makes the Academy so valuable.

The Animal Care and Control Profession is unique because it deals with not only the many problems of animals but also that of humans in today’s complex society. Some of the examples of topics which have been covered in the past are: rabies, working with computers, animal/child abuse, health issues (human and animal), public relations, investigations, and many more. Nationally known instructors from around the country have presented.

In honor of the memory of Officer Dale Childs of Hampstead, NH who passed away in 2010, the ACOANH is sponsoring a commuter scholarship for attendance at the 2023 NEACHA.

Cafeteria at the NEACHA annual conference
Officers in a classroom at the NEACHA annual conference
NH animal control officer demonstrating the use of a cage at the NEACHA annual conference
4 NH Animal Control Officers on the sidewalk outside the NEACHA annual conference
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